CFC Tree & Forest Foundation is our commitment to taking care of the environment. Healthy ecosystems purify our air, provide clean water, maintain the nutrients in soil and regulate the ever-changing climate. Earth’s magnificent forests provide us with raw materials and resources that sustain our civilisation and economies, we cannot live without these ecosystem services. They are our natural capital. That is why we started CFC Tree & Forest Foundation, here we work to preserve and enrich forestry across the UK. We protect and sustainably work towards maintaining an oasis for local populations.

We invite you to reconnect with nature and be a part of the change in conserving biodiversity. Here, we offer many ways to get involved. Our goal is to work with you to ensure a more harmonic and healthier lifestyle.

Maybe take a walk outside, get some fresh air and have a think about our ideas…

CFC Thorsten Schuell UK Ltd.
Focused on the preservation and protection of forests and recognising the crucial impact of nature, Thorsten Schuell and Dr. Anthony O’Tierney are donating 10% of each of the Group Company Members profits to this foundation.

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