More than half the global economy directly depends on our natural world, investing in nature is crucial- it is the foundation of all our well-being. At CFC Green Investments Ltd., we offer opportunities to move forward from the harm of deforestation with sustainable forest management. Through asset-based investments, not only can you preserve and enjoy the wonders of forestry by renting or buying, but you can be a part of replenishing natural resources.

CFC Green Investments Ltd. offers tokenised as well as non-tokenised ownership of forest land in Europe and the UK, this can be based on a fixed-income or a monthly rented basis. Whatever your preference, you will receive quarterly fixed interest, and after 5, 7 or 10 years, receive the extra percentages (5%, 7% or 10%) with your original payment back. It has never been easier to earn money by investing sustainably.

As economies recover from effects of the coronavirus, we have an opportunity to ease pressure on the planet and reduce the enormous risks that climate change and biodiversity loss represent to our future. We have the tools to reinforce a green recovery, all you need to do is use them.

CFC Thorsten Schuell UK Ltd.
Focused on the preservation and protection of forests and recognising the crucial impact of nature, Thorsten Schuell and Dr. Anthony O’Tierney are donating 10% of each of the Group Company Members profits to this foundation.

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